Façade and Cladding Engineering

AHA Engineering provides cost-effective and high precision façade and cladding engineering services for builders, engineering consultancies, and others.

Our extensive façade and cladding engineering services include:

  • Wind loading calculation in accordance with the Australian Standards and Codes
  • Aluminium and steel structure design
  • Glass and aluminium analysis as per Australian Standards & Finite Element Method for all kinds of windows, balustrades, glass and aluminium shopfronts and skylights
  • Structural calculation reviews
  • Shop drawing reviews
  • Detailed knowledge of cladding materials, including aluminium, glass, steel, and masonry for all glass and glazing, and natural stone cladding systems
  • GRC cladding subject to wind, maintenance, and blast loading
  • Façade engineering for curtain wall building envelopes
  • Facade recladding
  • Structural engineering calculations – including design of facade structures, interaction of supporting components with existing substrates, member-sizing, spacing between supports, and all kinds of fixings to different materials

Our façade engineers are highly qualified and experienced in assessing façade and cladding engineering requirements, opportunities, and solutions.

We understand that façades and cladding are complicated components of a building – with the potential for significant impact on aesthetics, sustainability, and safety.

With expertise in concrete and steel engineering, our team also has know-how in geotechnical engineering, structural elements, and ground material science. These abilities help to ensure more durable and secure façade and cladding designs.

AHA Engineering has completed many façade and cladding assignments for new developments – and a wide range of building and structure types.

Can we help with your façade and cladding engineering needs?

For projects of all sizes, stages and complexities, we’re ready to assist you.

Industry-leading quality and professionalism

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