Dilapidation and Structural Assessment Report

AHA Engineering provides thorough, reliable, independent and cost-effective structural engineering reporting, surveying and structural assessment for the full spectrum of residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings and projects of every size, type and scale.

Our seamless and fully-tailored services include:

  • Dilapidation surveys
  • Building condition surveys
  • Structural damage assessment reports
  • Consulting services (i.e. disputes).

Our remedial structural engineers are highly experienced and proficient in identifying and assessing issues, causes and remedial action, and itemising defects with precision and evidence.  AHA Engineering has carried out scores of dilapidation reports for new developments, the full scope of building and structure types including heritage dwellings, and other engineered infrastructure, providing peace of mind for developers and surrounding interests.

Carried out by AHA’s experienced team of engineers, our assessment surveys involve detailed diagnostic reports, identifying and considering environmental factors, foundation and waterproofing issues, structural integrity and more.  Our site inspections ensure adherence to project goals and design intent, fast responses and turnarounds, and full protection of clients’ invaluable assets and interests.

At AHA, we are passionately committed to providing high-value, high-precision surveying and documenting practices, giving concerned parties the most accurate picture possible prior to and post-construction.  Engineering precision involves caring for clients and prioritising your best interests through accuracy, professional industry support and the clearest steps forward.

Can we help with your needs in dilapidation and structural assessment reporting?  For projects of all sizes, stages and complexities, our helpful team is standing by and ready to assist with all of your engineering reporting requirements.

Industry-leading quality and professionalism

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